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end of the line [recorded
May 11 '05
11:58 a
[ mood | satisfied ]

this is what it's all culminated to. my four years at nyu working my ass off have paid off. and now i present to you...graduation (a pictorial).

*all pics taken by renee, except the one with her in it

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
dad showed up around 8:30 am and said get the fuck up! so i did...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
and after i got dressed me, him, and renee tried hailing a cab

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
in the cab i said, "fuck! we're late!" and dad amd renee gave me weird looks

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
uncle rob flew all the way from colorado to see me. you go, boy

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
i felt like barney the damn dinosaur in my purple robe

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
why thank you, flashing sign

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
when we got in, they sent the parents one way and the graduates another...and it was divided by first half of the alphabet and last half of the alphabet...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
...until finally all 2 billion cas graduates made it...i sat next to a bunch of people i didn't know. come to think of it, i didn't know who the fuck the majority of people were!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
and then dean santirocco spoke, and it was my first time seeing him ever

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
john sexton gave a rousing, motivational speech

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
and then una chaudhuri, a cas/tisch professor spoke and told stories about her life as a hippie

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
the valedictorian followed that up with the worst speech ever given in history. damn smart people.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
and i went and walked across the stage to shake hands with santirocco and sexton. and no, sexton didn't hug me...i avoided that crazy bastard.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
uncle rob and dad wanted to skip the rest of the ceremony, so we peaced the fuck out

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
and took pictures (this reminds me of my 8th grade graduation picture with daddy)!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
and some weird girl was following me, so i took a picture with her. i'm such a celebrity

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
finally we had lunch at bubba gump shrimp company, because i love seafood, damnit


but i couldn't have done it without all the special men and women that i encountered in my college life, so to you i dedicate this next section.

thank youCollapse )

people ask why i'm ending this journal when i am. well it's because...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

...and that's all there is to it.

no really, this lj has been all about my college life for the past four years, and i figured with that chapter of my life coming to a close it was the perfect time to put this to rest. maybe if there's enough public outcry for a sequel i'll give in, so let your voice be heard.

until then, thanks for reading mr. journal online. you guys are what make this thing worthwhile.
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20 most memorable college moments [recorded
May 10 '05
06:13 p
[ mood | jubilant ]

the end of this lj is nigh, and that means more end of college lj entry goodness. it's part three of my end of an era special, and this time it's all about the memories, baby. some people say that college is the best time of your life, and after my horrible experiences in high school they sure as hell weren't lying. so without further adieu i prsesent 20 of my most memorable college moments.

get your freak onCollapse )

and there you have it. coming up next, it's the final entry in the long running mr. journal. be there, or be trapezoidal.

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100 things i learned in college [recorded
May 08 '05
09:00 p
[ mood | accomplished ]

you know you've been waiting for itCollapse )

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mothers day [recorded
May 08 '05
11:11 a
[ mood | annoyed ]


and besides being mother's day, this also would have been my mom's birthday.

everyone's seemingly leaving today...dave, alena, robyn, for example. i wasn't even aware that dave was leaving until today, since he didnt start packing 'til his mom showed up. my dad would have definitely killed me if i had done something like that.

speaking of alena, i think i was supposed to spend one last time chillin' with her, but she didn't call to wake me up...oh well.

update: actually did get to see alena for ten minutes before getting fed up with her crap and leaving, which is an even more fitting way to end things than yesterday was.

and in other news, i want to stab lili in the eye for (possibly definitely) screwing me over. i was supposed to be living with her for a few months over the summer, but apparently when i told her that i wanted to live with her like three times she didn't take me seriously and now doesn't need someone else to sublet, leaving me out in the cold as far as housing is concerned. so unless i happen to find someone on craigslist in the next week, you can find me napping on a bench in central park in the summer.
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my favorite 50 photos - the college years [recorded
May 08 '05
01:35 a
[ mood | nostalgic ]

as a kid, my family never had a camera and whenever we bought those disposable ones nobody ever went and got the film developed. so when my uncle rob first introduced me to digital cameras at my high school graduation, i knew i had to have one. i worked my ass off over the summer of 2001 before i got to nyu and made enough money to buy my first digital camera. it wasn't long before i put it to good use. my poor digital camera had an accident (meaning i accidentally made it get smashed all up on the floor in the dark), but when i got my trusty new camera all was right with the world.

but anywho, enough of my digital camera life story. the end is nigh, and graduation is right aroundthe corner. to celebrate the first installment ofmy series of entries dedicated to the end of my college life, my favorite fifty pictures taken from 2001-2005.

freshman year

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

'01-'02Collapse )

sophomore year

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

'02-'03Collapse )

junior year

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

'03-'04Collapse )

senior year

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

'04-'05Collapse )
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cinco de mayo [recorded
May 06 '05
02:55 a
[ mood | horny ]

was nifty, and now i want to watch and oc marathon

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i'm free [recorded
May 05 '05
06:29 p
[ mood | accomplished ]

i just finished presenting my group project for food facilities design and layout.

which means i'm done with all academic work at nyu.

and barring any horrific tragedies, like failing every class...i'm graduating on tuesday.

four years never went by so fast.

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happy hour [recorded
May 03 '05
01:21 p
[ mood | drained ]

cristy wanted to celebrate the end of classes (for her) and i was looking to get liquored up, so yesterday we decided to hit up happy hour at caliente cab company. but when i met her there she suddenly remembered she hated the food there, and instead we wound up going to bbq, which was just fine with me because the prices are cheaper than a bangkok hooker. we had two pitchers of nasty ass bud lite (you know, so she could keep her girlish figure and all) before i had enough of that shit and got a nice lime daquiri. the whole time we talked about her adventures in spain, where she noted she wanted to sample the cuisine of different countries by having sex with men of various ethnic origins (the consensus was sex is pretty much the same around the world), graduation, plans for the summer, and why we had our gigantic argument that led to our not talking to each other for two years. according to her, she (along with several other people) thought that our big fight was because i was all sad or pissed about me liking her ass a great deal and her not reciprocating the feelings...but i had gotten over that freshman year and really argued with her because i was tired of her being such a bitch to me and being drunk and all helped me to finally express that (although definitely not in the nicest way possible). well, glad we got that shit straightened out.

neither one of us had really eaten all day, so we were both pretty tipsy when we left bbq. so far the mission to get super drunk was going super swell like. we caught the train over to brooklyn because i wanted to see cristy's place and she wanted to get some pants on. plus there was more bar hopping fun to be had with the promise of even more cheap drinks. the place was nice but sparse and filled with a lot of weird ass furniture even my ass probably wouldn't have. chelsea was there when we arrived, so she joined in on the drinking adventure. suprisingly she wore jeans, which i have never seen her wear in my four years of knowing her. shocking! yes...anywho, off bar hopping we went, first stopping in this place called moe's (where i had a long island iced tea) then this restaurant/bar called night of the cookers (where i had my second long island iced tea). there was an nyu graduate (class of '97) in there flirting it up with cristy and chelsea, so i took the opporunity to haul my drunk ass to the bathroom in order to pee a ton/throw up.

afterwards everyone was pretty hungry, so we went to the worst chicken place in the universe, kennedy fried chicken. popeyes this is not. it's more like a chinese carry out that nothing but really horribly bad chicken. however, i got chicken nuggets instead of regular real chicken and was happy since they tasted like wendy's chicken nuggets, which everyone knows are the shit. i think we might have scared the poor afghan guy behind the bullet proof glass with our drunken antics, but considering the neighborhood the place was in he was probably used to worse customers than us coming in there.

they tried to convince me to spend the night over there, but i said pish posh to that and somehow made my way home, where i passed out on my bed. and now to do it all again on cinco de mayo.

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just like yesteryear [recorded
May 01 '05
04:29 a
[ mood | depressed ]

i haven't been this depressed in a long time.

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the walking dead [recorded
Apr 29 '05
03:48 a
[ mood | giggly ]

wednesday> i had my last ever intro to special fx makeup class, by far my favorite class ever at nyu that comes highly recommended for all the non-graduating nyu folk out there. for our final assignment in that class we were supposed to take these generic mask doo-hickeys, paint them up real nice to make them look all kinds of zombiefied and gory, then apply them to our partner so that they look like an actual part of your body. i did my part last week (which actually didn't turn out too bad), so this week my partner applied the mask to me. i think it turned out right nifty lookin'.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
my partner, dan, applying the paint and wounds

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
it's easy to see why renee fell in love with me. i'm dead sexy. get it? har har har...

sadly, removing it wasn't nearly as fun as having it applied. taking the shit off hurt like a motherfucker, and i rubbed the bottom of my eye so hard the skin is all red and raw and scabby like. and since the mask is applied with a mixture of glue, latex, and paint mixed with latex, a good amount of it got in my beard hair and goatee and even some of my hairline, so now i'm missing patches of hair...but that's ok. all in the name of looking like a bad ass gonna eat your brains type of person.

and finally, after what seemed like eons, my laundry has been done and i can wear clean boxers again! i thought this day would never come.
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perfectly chaotic [recorded
Apr 27 '05
03:41 p
[ mood | accomplished ]

i'm sitting here watching next (which is ultra hilarious), and this guy on there (the nexter) was all nexting people left and right, and when he got to the last girl he seemed to be into he mentioned that he had spent $180 in theaters watching napoleon dynamite! am i the only person in the world who thought that movie completely blew ass and wasn't funny (except for the ending, that is).

anyway, i went into "work" today (at new york press) to start the first day of my internship. only i didn't actually start because when i came in i met with the new arts editor and he explained how they were in the process of revamping the section i'd be working on and movie into their new space and figuring out how to get everything up to speed in steven's absence, which was understandable. so he said the interns were on hiatus basically and that he'd get in touch with us when it was a good time to return. he asked what my ultimate goal was and of course i had to drop in my whole video game journalism dream and he said they used to have a video game column in the paper and that peaked my interest. then he inferred that if some video game stuff came down the pipeline i'd probably get to handle it, so now i'm looking forward to the job even more than i was before. i would rock out with my cock out if i could run my own video game column. that would make working for free actually worthwhile. the only thing that sucks is that since i don't know what my work schedule for new york press is looking like at the moment, i'll be semi-fucked if i get the job at time out new york since i won't really be able to tell them when i'll be available to work. hmmmmm...

tomorrow is my last day of classes. halleluuuuuuuuuujah.

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ron's musical melting pot [recorded
Apr 27 '05
07:58 a
[ mood | tired ]

it's wednesday, and that means music suggestions coming out of my ass! and boy is it painful. last week i tackled my favorite jams from tne 90s, and this week i thought i'd tackle my favorite jams from the 00s! or is that 2000s...at any rate, since we're only halfway through the 2000s i'm limiting my musical choices from 50 to 25, but i'm sure years down the road i'll look back on the 2000s as fondly as i look back on the 90s. only thing that we seem to be missing is a bunch of cheesy one hit wonders that totally reek of awesomeness, but i'm sure that gap will be filled soon enough (it might have already, i just can't think of any right now). and now i present to you...

ron's favorite 25 songs of the new millenium!

[01] snoop dogg f/ pharell - drop it like it's hot
[02] terror squad - lean back
[03] kanye west - workout plan
[04] basement jaxx - hot n' cold
[05] daft punk - one more time
[06] eminem - without me
[07] jadakiss f/ snoop dogg and dj quick - shine
[08] nerd - breakout
[09] justin timberlake - rock your body
[10] gwen stefani - hollaback girl
[11] paul oakenfold - ready steady go
[12] outkast - hey ya
[13] system of a down - chop suey
[14] interpol - obstacle 1
[15] the white stripes - the hardest button to button
[16] the killers - jenny was a friend of mine
[17] deftones - knife party
[18] papa roach - getting away with murder
[19] lloyd banks - i'm so fly
[20] seether f/ amy lee - broken
[21] the strokes - reptilia
[22] linkin park - lying from you
[23] junior senior - move your body
[24] missy elliot - i'm really hot
[25] 50 cent - 20 questions

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kick that funky jive [recorded
Apr 27 '05
12:13 a
[ mood | chipper ]

reading my old journals inspired the title for this entry. oh yes...i was kicking funky jives back in the day WITH A PASSION!!!

so i had my interview with time out new york, although i guess the word interview is misleading since it was anything but. much like my "interview" at new york press, i just got called in so the lady (the head of the promotions/marketing department, i think) could tell me everything and anything about what i'd be doing as an intern, which lead me to believe that i had smited all competition and gotten the job. sadly, that's still up in the air. i'm supposed to go home and e-mail her some writing samples by thursday, and after that i figure she'll be making a decision. on the one had i really want this internship since i'll get to do some non-editorial type writing and i'd get to see how a weekly magazine is produced and run, which would be awesome to the max since my goal is to work at a videogames magazine. on the other hand, the job entails commiting a shit load of my time to it. that'd be fine and dandy if i was getting paid, but i'm not. and i would like to keep my new york press internship, the time out new york internship, and a real paying job so i can afford my rent (among other things) and rack up in the experience department. hmmmmm...guess i'll find out what the deal is by next week.

speaking of my new york press internship, i was technically supposed to start working there last week. but i decided not to come in to work until i got in contact with steven psyllos, the guy who interviewed me and was supposed to be my boss, because he was the one who i had to e-mail my schedule to and who was supposed to let me know when to come into work. well, after calling over there about three times a day and not reaching him, renee decided it might be a good idea to just go down to the office and see what the deal was. a good idea if i ever did hear one, says i. i went down there on monday and found out that the reason steven wasn't ever picking up his phone was because his ass got fired, seemingly because of a clash between him and the editorial board. i met his replacement while i was down there and am supposed to officially start my internship wednesday, so hopefully i'll be doing the same shit that i otherwise would have done under steven.

i've been so damn swamped with shit lately i had to make a to do list! what the fuck...i never make to do lists! thankfully the most important things on that list have been crossed off, as i had my final for history of the media today (which i probably fucked up immensely on, but oh well) and i finally got my final paper for media moguls in the 20th century finished too. and since i have no other finals or papers to write (other than my final project for food facilities design and layout, which would be a piece of cake) i'm practically done with school and have some clear sailing into graduation. awesome...TO THE MAX!

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thank you [recorded
Apr 25 '05
03:55 a
[ mood | thankful ]

just wanted to give renee a gynormous ass thank you for everything that she does for me, including but not limited to keeping me sane half the time, teaching me how to dance, making me laugh, making sure i stay on top of my shit, and helping me out with homework when i'm swamped by a million billion things to do. so once again, thanks babe. i really really appreciate everything you've ever done for me.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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moma [recorded
Apr 24 '05
02:22 a
[ mood | exhausted ]

renee had been begging me to take her to the moma for the longest time, so finally yesterday we took advantage of the free tickets they hand out on fridays from 4 - 8 pm and checked out some modern art. we walked over there from coral (about 44 blocks) in the rain and stood in an insanely long line, but it was totally worth it. it was nice to see up close and personal all the great works of modern art i'd read so much about and seen in my various art/art history classes, and unlike the guggenheim they let us take pictures. why taking pictures was allowed and talking on cell phones was prohibited is beyond me, however.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

roy lichtenstein's girl with ball, a painting i copied for my intro to painting class

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
andy warhol's campbell's soup cans

we spent about 3 hours in there gazing at art before heading back down to the village, stopping briefly in lord and taylor (where renee looked for dresses) and expressmen (where i picked up a black dresss shirt with white pinstripes that i had wanted for some time). we didn't get to rest at home for long before it was time to head out once again, this time for hinna jay's birthday party at vela 21st. between 5th and 6th avenues. that damn hinna neglected to mention there was a $10 cover, but that's ok. could have been worse. i was semi-hyped to go, but after dancing for a while my enthusiasm started to run out mainly due to all the walking and gallavanting around the city we had done earlier in the day. still, it was enjoyable. i'm not much of a club goer or anything like that, but as long as i'm with renee it tends to be cool since she doesn't mind my atrocious (lack of) dancing skills. hinna was looking radically different in her club clothes and i was like, "damn, is that the same person?" in my mind. then again i don't see her on the street often, and when i do she usually looks all normal and innocent. in the club she was poppin bottles and dishing out vodka and shakin' her ass like there was no tomorrow. and she smoked a joint in the club too, which i found odd just because it was all out in the open like that. but hey...go shawty, it's yo birthday.
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a night on the town [recorded
Apr 22 '05
02:51 a
[ mood | sleepy ]

i met renee up here at the port authority bus terminal around 7 pm, and we had a really nice dinner at bubba gump shrimp company, a place i've been wanting to eat at since it opened up about a year and half ago. we had a pretty nice view of times square, and the service was all kinds of good. they have this system set up where at your table they have a blue and red sign, and when things are fine and dandy the blue sign (which says run forrest run!) stays up and everyone's having a funky good time. when something is up, ie. when you run out of soda or wan't some ketchup or something like that, you flip over to the red sign (stop forrest, stop!) and anyone on the wait staff in the immediate area will help you out, not just your designated waiter. on top of that we were promptly seated and the food got there without 20 minutes of ordering. and that was a definitely a good thing too, because the food was sexcellent. i can honestly say that place has the best shrimp i've ever tasted, and i've been to a lot of seafood places in my day. dare i say that bubba gump might be my new favorite restaurant? don't worry cheesecake factory and red lobster. you still have a special place in my heart.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

i hadn't planned on doing anything else tonight besides chilling in the house and potentially doing some laundry at hinna's place in hayden, but maryann called up and asked if renee and i wanted to go see some gallatin kids playing at some place over in alphabet city. since it was free i was like, "hell to the yeah!" she met up with us at 11 and we trudged on over there and searched around a bit before finally stumbling upon the place. it was all good in the hood until i noticed a sign saying there was a two drink minimum, and being that none of us really had cash (we all thought it was free entertainment, after all), we sadly had the bounce. well, not too sadly because the band on stage (the gallatones) was playing some funky weird folk shit i wasn't really groovin' with. we walked around avenue a a bit, stopping past bars and clubs and whatnot to see what was free and what renee could get into (the sad side of being a minor without a fake), but we didn't find anything of interest. still, it was cool just walking around with those two crazy kids cracking jokes and seeing what alphabet city had to offer. i hadn't been over there since me, cristy, and jose went to the nuyorican poet's cafe way back in sophomore year.

we wound up walking around semi aimlessly for a while before maryann started getting tired and renee's legs started to be like, "yo, fuck this walking shit!". we took maryann home and chilled for a bit over her place. lucky bastard got a double in 13th street, but since she never got a roomate it's effectively a single with two beds and two desks and all the luxuries a double usually has, only with her being the sole occupier. she had a gamecube in there, so i spent a little while teaching her how to play tony hawk's pro skater 3 (which really brought back a lot of freshman year memories, sitting on the couch in the common room playing that game for days on end...now that's nirvana) while renee went on the computer and did her computer thing. maryann stared nodding off to sleep, so that was our cue to go back to my own abode.

speaking of sleep, maybe i should get some myself.

oh, and i met dave's brother, jeff, today. he kind of reminds me of mike in that their about the same skin complexion and look on the thickish side (although jeff is a lot smaller than mike, it seems, but also bigger than dave). and renee, astute little bugger that she is, pointed out there was a girl passed out on dave's bed. i'm not eeeeeeven going to ask about that one...
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gazing toward the future [recorded
Apr 21 '05
05:49 p
[ mood | jubilant ]

i had pretty much forgotten that i'd applied to time out new york for an internship over in their promotions department (the editorial internship deadline had passed, so i figured promotions would be the next best thing according to their description of the position), but i was swiftly reminded when i got an e-mail in my inbox talking about how they'd received my cover letter and resume and wanted me to come in for an interview. so now i've got an interview over there scheduled for noon on tuesday and hopefully by the time i walk out of that place i'll have twice as many internships as i did before. now i need to stop getting all these jobs where i work for free and get a job that pays me in something other than experience. and by other than experience i mean money. and my money i mean the stuff i use to buy prostitutes with.

in other good news, i think this semester will once again be filled with good grades, as in straight a's up the wazoo. it's about time i got my shit together and started living up to my potential. actually, scratch that. the only time i probably truly fucked around and didn't give a fuck was freshman year, a fond time where i did about 10 times as much partying as i did reading for world cultures: china. the rest of the time i only really did bad in classes was when i was taking shit that i totally didn't care about, ie. writing the essay with the crazy femi-nazi (and really, who the hell likes that class anyway?), natural science 1: einstein's universe (it's physics, so i was guaranteed to fail pretty much), and the aforementioned world cutlures: china. otherwise i suppose i've been doing pretty well for myself, excluding that freak incident in digital journalism: blogging where i got a's on every assignment and on the last assignment </b>i somehow got an f</b> and that lowered my grade from what would have been an a or an a- to a c-. that professor went off to iraq though for journalistic purposes, so maybe his corpse has been riddled with bullet holes or missing a head...or both.

my reporting ii teacher had this to say about my last paper, an essay on a book we read called random family (which comes highly recommended, especially for those unfamiliar with life in the ghetto):

good job ron, as usual

i rocked out with my cock out after reading that.

i'm supposed to be going to hinna's (one of renee's friends) birthday party or something like that, so renee's coming up here tonight and probably spending a week or so up here. but in order to go to this party we've got to find her a fake id so we can get her in the place. damn, reminds me a lot of my own freshman/sophomore year. oh the memories...one day i'll go back home and find my old fake and bust it out for old times sake. only i won't really because it's horrible. best $45 i ever wasted on something. i guess before getting a fake it helps to have a real version of the fake on hand so that you can compare and see how much it pales in comparison or not. and i guess you should get a fake where the name of the city in connecticut you're supposed to be from is actually spelled right. HARTFROD, CONNECTICUT MY ASS.
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ron's musical chairs [recorded
Apr 20 '05
07:39 a
[ mood | bouncy ]

it's wednesday, so you know what time is it (too damn early if you ask me, a har har har...). anyway, open your file sharing program of choice and get ready to download these hits from the past!

that's right. this week it's all about the 90s, as in some of my favorite songs from that time period. i was sitting here and thinking of doing a top 10 songs of the 90s list, but 90s music is so great it can't handle just being confined to a top 10 list. so then i thought about a top 20 list...but no! the 90s music said, ron, brotha, we are too much for just 20 songs!!!! and i was like you're right 90s music!!! so now prepare yourselves for...

[update! due to overwhelming demand, i know present to you...]

ron's favorite 25 50 songs from the 90s now featuring spam!!!!

[01] nirvana - smells like teen spirit
[02] red hot chili peppers - under the bridge
[03] juvenile - back that ass up
[04] big tymers - bling bling
[05] beck - new pollution
[06] the cranberries - zombie
[07] bush - swallowed
[08] radiohead - karma police
[09] mc hammer - u can't touch this
[10] vanilla ice - ice ice baby
[11] limp bizkit - nookie
[12] dr. dre f/ snoop doggy dogg - ain't nuttin' but a g thang
[13] nine inch nails - closer
[14] sir mix-a-lot - baby got back
[15] puff daddy f/ lil' kim, the lox, and notorious big - all about the benjamins
[16] no doubt - don't speak
[17] prodigy - firestarter
[18] ll cool j - doin' it
[19] outkast f/ slick rick - the art of storytelling
[20] green day - longview
[21] mase f/ total - tell me what you want
[22] master p - make em' say uhhh!
[23] the fugees - ready or not
[24] dmx - ruff ryders anthem
[25] r. kelly - i believe i can fly
[26] house of pain - jump around
[27] michael jackson - remember the time
[28] the offspring - pretty fly (for a white guy)
[29] snoop doggy dogg - gin and juice
[30] the sneaker pimps - spin spin sugar
[31] michael jackson - remember the time
[32] naughty by nature - opp
[33] eminem - my name is
[34] goo goo dolls - iris
[35] a tribe called quest - scenario
[36] de la soul - me myself and i
[37] coolio - gangsta's paradise
[38] bel biv devoe - poison
[39] lusciuos jackson - naked eye
[40] whitney houston - i will always love you
[41] public enemy - fight the power
[42] rage against the machine - guerilla radio
[43] will smith - gettin' jiggy with it
[44] fatboy slim - praise you
[45] notorious big - big poppa
[46] beastie boys - sabotage
[47] cypress hill - insane in the membrane
[48] alanis morisette - you oughta know
[49] wu-tang clan - c.r.e.a.m.
[50] jay-z - hard knock life

damn! i don't know about you, but the 90s TOTALLY ROCKED MY ASS! what're some of your favorite songs?

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ron's gadgetorium [recorded
Apr 20 '05
01:13 a
[ mood | awake ]

the gadgetorium returns...because i'm all about promoting safe sex to the kids! this is what happens when you scour gizmodo for hours on end.

A Senegalese inventor is getting quite a bit of press for his automatic condom fitting device that is being shown at the International Exhibition of Inventions. The device is designed to help men slip on prophylactics in one smooth motion—so fast that “with a bit of practice the man’s partner probably won’t even notice that he had reached over and used his trusty auto condom fitter.”

The device is not commercialized at this time, but Mor Maty Seck hopes to see it in production soon. I can’t tell off hand if it’s a one-time use sort of thing or something that you’d just wear around your neck on a chain. (Thanks, pt!)
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in the year 2000... [recorded
Apr 19 '05
12:43 p
[ mood | excited ]

dave has been gone since friday and i don't think he's coming back until wednesday. i think he went to san diego (which i find hilarious, considering his ties to that place) or something since he's one of those admissions type people. he's a nice guy, but i have definitely enjoyed having the room all to myself these past couple of days. don't have to worry about anyone coming in while i'm watchin my high class porn, and i can play all my music as loud as i want all the damn time!

and they just elected a new pope, a joseph ratzinger from germany. i think dontre had mentioned the new pope could be from africa...but that is obviously not the case. he's taking the name of benedict xvi, which does not roll off the tongue as easily as john paul ii. i'm watching the whole deal on msnbc and the new pope just came out in all his papalness looking pretty awesome, i have to admit. but i reaaaaally don't see myself becoming all religious, and if i did, i definitely wouldn't be catholic. considering that this new pope, from what the "journalists" on tv are saying (tv journalists can't hold a candle to print journalists, after all), was john paul's right hand man, that would probably mean that all the things i hated about the catholic church won't be changing anytime soon. ok they just said he sileneced liberal theologians and some other crap about controversial issues that didn't sound kosher so yes catholocism is not in my future to the max for sure.

but anywho, enough of this papal mumbo jumbo. there's only two weeks left pretty much til' i'm done with school. my finals and final papers are all occuring in those two weeks, so thankfully while everyone else is slaving away studying their asses off during final's week, i'll be chillin like matt dillon on penicilin. and since i can have a shitload of fun leading up to graduation, here are a few of the things that i would like to get accomplished before i graduate from nyu. and i know my ass will still be in new york after graduating, but i'll also be broke trying to pay for food, rent, and utilities (in addition to the random trip to dc every now and then), so i won't have the cash money needed to fund all these new york excursions. might as well act now while i've got more money in the bank than scrooge mcduck. speaking of my "job", i think i was supposed to start yesterday but i'm not entirely sure...i've been calling the guy who interviewed me (since i'm supposed to be working for him) constantly and leaving messages and emails up the wazoo, but he hasn't got back to me to let me know what the deal is...i'm contemplating just showing up next week and being like yes i'm supposed to start working or some such thing...but i'm not sure what the crap i should do. hmmmmm! hope i don't get fired or some shit before i even start working. that'd be some shit right out of friday right there.

oh right...on with the list of crap to do.

  • go to jamba juice, to see what all the hullabaloo is about. plus i've never had a smoothie before!

  • go to bubba gump shrimp company, because i LOVE shrimp as much (if not more so) as the actual bubba gump. and if i don't go now i never will since there are only like 2 or 3 of them on the east coast and new york is the closest one (i think the other ones are in south carolina and florida or something.

  • go to the moma!!!! i've only been to the met and the guggenheim...then again i've lived here so long, and i view museum going as more of a touristy thing you do freshman year when you're all wide eyed and ooooo-ing and awwww-ing over everything. but i'm down for some modern art...when it's free of course.

and i guess that's about it for now...although i'm sure something will pop into my head over the next couple of days.

and nintendojo is hiring again! yaaaaaaaaay! hopefully i'll have my application for that finished by the 25th. they're looking for a news editor, and while i'd much rather be reviewing games i'll take what i can get. i have been trained as a news reporter after all so maybe i can put all these skills to use. hopefully i'll get that job so i can be well on my way to a superstar career in video game journalism. and then i'll get paid for what i love to do all day! bwahahahahaha...isn't that everyone's dream in life anyway?

and now for my favorite friday quotes, despite it being tuesday:

"playing with my money is like playing with my emotions, smokey." - big worm
"you got to be a stupid motherfucker to get fired on your day off" - smokey
"you just got knocked the FUCK out!" smokey
"i got mind control over Deebo. When he say shut up - i be quiet. but when he leave, i be talking again" - smokey
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